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)Even more exercises // Exercise1 // ws with oracle locations // get city name and location code from here Exercise2 // take all polish Inland Revenues (names and codes) from here// // try to use function 'simplexmlloadfile()' and 'xpath' method// Exercise3 // get the api description from // try to use function 'drupalhttprequest()'// Exercise4 // post new blog message here // use this template: "yourNameYourDateOfBirth"// Exercise5 // check if message from Exercise4 exists, // if yes, show this text "There is msg with same data already here" and try to DELETE it, // if not, try to add it with PUT // try to use: json_decode(), foreach, echo, if else// Exercise6 // try to simplify this code above, use built-in function instead of foreach and create function to reuse it later// Exercise 7 (Catherine) /ex2 Create array with values provided by your function. Loop through array values with "foreach" and display them each in its own line. Create 3D array in drupal (devel module)-- first level should have title of one basic page in it / Drupal best practicesCoding standards( />