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forexcurmkt Foreign Exchange and the Currency Markets for Business 7 hours The course has been created for business people exposed to risks related to currency exchange. Importers, exporters, people sending monies abroad and all other people interested how the currency market works. This course explains the workings of the Foreign Exchange Markets for information ONLY and does NOT provide Investment Advice!
stockexin Stock Exchange and Investment 7 hours This training is designed for anyone who is interested in the stock exchange and investment. It intends to make people understand the technicalities with simple examples. This course will explain how the stock exchange works in relation to the London Stock Exchange. It guides you through the history of LSE and other Stock Exchanges. The participant will get familiar with financial site of LSE, how the share prices are calculated and what derivatives are and how the stock exchange is regulated by the government. This course does NOT advise you what to invest in!
ibsp Investment Banking: Introduction to Structured Products 21 hours Introduction to Structured Products The purpose of the course is to provide delegates with an introduction to the Structured Products used in investment banking. On completion of the course all delegates will have a working knowledge of the subject and will be able answer What are structured products? Why issue them? How do issuers and investors benefit? How do you structure and price a range of derivative products? What are the risks and costs of producing structured financial products? What are embedded derivatives? What are exotic options? What are the pricing and hedging considerations?

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