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Release Management and Deployment with Distributed Version Control System

It's about the trainer. He has a very open mind, tries to understand our context and reality. He orients its training towards our need instead of just presenting a generic training. He is not just a technical persons but knows about business, management. So he is able to put things in good context and show pros and cons in an understandable way.

Pascal Langlais - Adetel SIE

Mercurial Course Outlines

Code Name Duration Overview
mercadv Mercurial Advanced 7 hours Advanced Merging Conflicts Working with Kdiff3 Workflows Examples Forks and pull requests Subrepos hg extensions overview Strip Histedit Rebase Keyring Hgconvert hg integration overview eg Bugzilla hg command line advantages over Tortoise HG Kallithea  Review of the current Control Version Management System Hooks Mirrors Triggers Tagging Demonstrations & Exercises
rmddvcs Release Management and Deployment with Distributed Version Control System 7 hours This course has been created for project managers, release managers, product managers, product owners, Scrum Masters, software architects and everyone who is responsible for planning releases and deployment of software. It shows how to move changes from requirements, through development and tests to production environment using distributed version control system (GIT in particular, but people using other distributed SCMs can benefit from this course as well). Show overview of Project Management methodologies Agile Methodologies Waterfall Automatic deployment via GIT Production repository Release branch Using Tags for releases Switching between releases Managing maintenance release Major releases Documentation, Release Change Log Using Repository History to create Change Log Using Tag description for major release summarising changes Aggregating smaller changes into bigger one (closer to the business) Aggregating commits Grouping commits into logical parts Central Repo Push and Pull Strategies Keeping Central repository clean Creating structure for aggregating and reviewing changes from developers Testing and Staging environment Software Architecture and Components How to divide logically application and the repository How to manage libraries and subprojects develop by third parties Using submodules to automate upgrades
mercusr Mercurial for Users 7 hours Mercurial and Alternatives Overview CSV Subversion Git Bazaar Introduction to Distributed Repositories Differences between distributed and centralized repositories Committing, Branching, Tagging Locking Mercurial Mercurial in daily use Collaborating with other people Tracking Changes Merging File names and pattern matching Managing releases and branchy development Finding and fixing mistakes

Upcoming Courses

CourseCourse DateCourse Price [Remote / Classroom]
Mercurial Advanced - MB, Winnipeg - 201 Portage AvenueThu, Sep 7 2017, 9:30 amCA$2250 / CA$4250
Mercurial for Users - BC, Vancouver Park PlaceThu, Sep 7 2017, 9:30 amCA$2250 / CA$4200
Mercurial for Users - ON, London - London City CentreThu, Sep 7 2017, 9:30 amCA$2250 / CA$4180
Release Management and Deployment with Distributed Version Control System - BC, Victoria - The AtriumFri, Sep 15 2017, 9:30 amCA$2250 / CA$4350
Release Management and Deployment with Distributed Version Control System - BC, Vancouver - World Trade CenterMon, Sep 18 2017, 9:30 amCA$2250 / CA$4200
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