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xquery XQuery 14 hours This training provides: A high-level overview and quick tour of XQuery Information to write sophisticated queries, without being bogged down by the details of types, namespaces, and schemas Advanced concepts for users who want to take advantage of modularity, namespaces, typing and schemas Guidelines for working with specific types of data, such as numbers, strings, dates, URIs and processing instructions A complete alphabetical reference to the built-in functions and types Participants will also learn about XQuery's support for filtering, sorting, and grouping data, as well as how to use FLWOR expressions, XPath, and XQuery tools for extracting and combining information. During the training they will find out how to apply all of these tools to a wide variety of data sources, and how to recombine information from multiple sources into a single final output result.
existdbint eXist-db Introduction 7 hours Suitable for those requiring an introduction to XML and XQuery with eXist-db and can also be as a pre-training course for the 2 day eXist-db Development and Performance course.
existdb eXist-db Development and Performance 14 hours The objective is to enable attendees to quickly build applications inXQuery and make them ready for production use. Attendees will learn how to diagnose and resolve performance issues, properly define indexes for best performance, and how to optimise XQuery applications for concurrency.

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