Title Testimonial
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML Practice exercises were great and the help given by the trainer was excellent.
Design Patterns in PHP The interaction and enthusiasm he had about the training.
Design Patterns in PHP The New content I learned.
Design Patterns in PHP I mostly was benefit from the exercise.
Design Patterns in PHP I like the support of the trainer and the topics. I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven't done. But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Thank you.
Python Programming I preferred the exercise and learning about the nooks and crannies of Python.
Python Programming Joey has an infectious enthusiasm about programming. And he was very good at adapting to our needs and interests on the fly.
Python Programming Many examples made me easy to understand.
MongoDB for Administrators I really liked the monitoring.
PostgreSQL for Administrators I genuinely enjoyed the trainer Subject Knowledge.
Corporate Governance Tabitha was engaging, very knowledgeable, clear and prepared.
Docker for Developers and System Administrators I generally enjoyed the content was interesting.
Corporate Governance She was very personable and presented a fluid delivery of the course material.
Docker for Developers and System Administrators A lot of content explained in a simple and straightforward manner, will definitely remember many of the things taught thanks to the simple format.
Solr for Developers The lectures were fine.
WebServices with SOAP and WSDL Basics Lucas was very helpful and very patient with us and the exercises were well planned and the material was well presented and demonstrated.
Solr for Developers He is provided great example for each topic.
Selenium for Victims of Manual Testing I was benefit from the demo and walk through using TestNG.
Introduction to Selenium I thought the pacing was perfect. Good amount of interaction considering it was done over the computer. Lots of interaction available by connecting to a virtual machine and following along. Thought the project we completed had very clean code and gave me a good idea of how something like this should be compiled. Will be able to apply what I learned to the workplace.
PostgreSQL for Administrators I enjoyed learning how to maintain the database, and how is the orgenazition of the data.
C#.NET - bespoke I generally liked the labs.
Data Mining & Machine Learning with R The trainer was so knowledgeable and included areas I was interested in.
Building an Effective Team with Belbin Team Roles

The team vs. team exercise. It made me cognizant of the negative behaviours of my strong areas.

PostgreSQL for Administrators I liked everything he taught.
PostgreSQL Administration and Development Very in depth knowledge on the subject matter. No “I'll have to look into that and get back to you, just new it all”.
Node.js for JavaScript Developers I liked that through this training Joey was able to cover different levels of knowledge and he made this course very interesting and understandable for the beginners and for more experienced developers.
Node.js for JavaScript Developers Joey was great and really adapted the training to our needs and the skill level of the audience.
SQL Fundamentals The trainer, he was knowledgeable, engaging, and easy to learn from. He encouraged a lot of hands-on learning.
Deep Learning for Vision - customised Henry's presentation and discussion sessions were very dense with valuable information and insights. He adapted quickly to suit the setting and requests. Good knowledge of the area, and very personable.
IoT (Internet of Things) for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Investors He was very personable and worked hard to provide a relevant experience. It was the course content that was the issue.
IoT (Internet of Things) for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Investors I was benefit from some new and interesting ideas. Meeting and interacting with other attendees.
MongoDB for Administrators I genuinely liked the explanations.
Test Automation with Selenium Very good practical examples with lots of explanation. Provided documentation at end of training to download onto personal USB key.
Test Automation with Selenium Lucas was very good at explaining. He made sure everyone was moving at the same pace and answered all our questions during the training. From his teaching style you can get a clear indication for his passion on the subject, and that helps convey the subject matter. Coming from a background of very limited knowledge about Java and HTML, I was still able to keep up and understand.
Test Automation with Selenium I was benefit from the trainer is knowledgeable and approachable.
AWS Architect Certification Gabriel was very organized and prepared for this training. He answered all questions and clarify the AWS notions and architecture. Great job, Gabriel.
Python for Advanced Machine Learning In-depth coverage of machine learning topics, particularly neural networks. Demystified a lot of the topic.
Comprehensive Lua As I had the benefit of one-on-one training, even without a fully flushed out course outline I was able to get many of the instructions I was looking to achieve. Adam has also provided additional material which in turn I've been using to expand some learning concepts.
Developing Web Applications with Ember.js I liked the training as a whole, learned a lot of new stuff regarding ember.
Programming with Big Data in R Michael the trainer is very knowledgeable and skillful about the subject of Big Data and R. He is very flexible and quickly customize the training meeting clients' need. He is also very capable to solve technical and subject matter problems on the go. Fantastic and professional training!.
Programming with Big Data in R I really enjoyed the introduction of new packages.
Programming with Big Data in R The tutor, Mr. Michael An, interacted with the audience very well, the instruction was clear. The tutor also go extent to add more information based on the requests from the students during the training.
Programming with Big Data in R The subject matter and the pace were perfect.
IT Automation with Saltstack Best practice about using Saltstack. New features that I have not used.
Managing Agile Projects with Lean and Kanban

That after 3 days of training I have the entire overview on Agile how to use them in my case, how to calculate efficiency, approach negative employees and many more.

Excel VBA Introduction practical application using my data and how I can use VBA to process and produce my reports
Docker and Kubernetes Docker
Introduction to Selenium A very good introduction and overview of Selenium
Which data storage to choose - from flat files, through SQL, NoSQL to massive distributed systems The Trainer Subject Knowledge
Which data storage to choose - from flat files, through SQL, NoSQL to massive distributed systems I liked that he had actual know how of when to use each technology, that's valuable.
Web Application Security Trainers command in his field
Jenkins: Continuous Integration for Agile Development Scheduling and integration with SCM.
Excel Advanced It was great that we could try to do an exercise by our owns and then we did it together with trainer. Moreover the trainer shown us a few solutions per each exercise.
Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL The high level principles about Hive, HDFS...
Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL The handson. The mix practice/theroy
Angular 5 none
Project Management Fundamentals I found certain areas more interesting than others, Risk management, Stakeholder communication.
Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL Fulvio was able to grasp our companies business case and was able to correlate with the course material, almost instantly.
Web Application Security The hands-on labs were excellent.
Excel VBA Introduction Working on and using our own data/spreadsheets, where we could see how it would benefit us most.
Akka - from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced The course is not easy for beginners but Richard was very friendly and gave one-to-one time to everyone who was stuck.
Akka - from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Good visibility on akka
Akka - from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Richard, he was very nice and patient which was much needed
Container management with Docker The materials for the training were superb.
Docker Customized Exercise, real life application of docker and kubernetes with examples, Trainer was super prepared not just from the theoretical perspective, but also from the practical that makes the training one of the best I´ve attended and makes it easier to understand the application of docker/kubernetes in real life situation
Visual Studio with VB.Net it was at a comfortable pace, so you didn't get left behind
SQL Fundamentals very logical and step by step but not too much
Visual Studio with VB.Net Good explanations during the teaching sessions.
Visual Studio with VB.Net venue was nice, people running the venue were nice. the trainer was a genuine good guy.
Drools 7 and DSL for Business Analysts The instructor was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and had very good interaction with the class. I'm glad he was able to see our screens and give us help when needed.
Drools 7 and DSL for Business Analysts Exercises and solving problems in groups when the problems were more difficult.
Drools 7 and DSL for Business Analysts I loved that he was able to see our machines to help us when we got stuck.
Drools 7 and DSL for Business Analysts Filip was kind and patient and was generally responsive about questions and help.
SQL Advanced in MySQL He was very friendly and he created a very good environment.
Microsoft Project - podstawy zarządzania projektami Translations of the trainer, explanations. We worked on a specific program.
Microsoft Project - podstawy zarządzania projektami more days for training
Scrum - Step by Step I think the exercieses was ok.
Scrum - Step by Step Practise exercises, simulation.
SQL Advanced the attitude, the examples and amazing trainer
Visual Studio with VB.Net Exercises
Docker Customized Content, atmosphere, pace.
Minitab for Statistical Data Analysis The training felt very personal and customised to what I wanted out of it. It was so non judgemental that I felt comfortable in asking whatever questions I needed to, and the trainer was able to competently answer all my questions. It was a very good overview of useful statistical techniques and there was a good balance between statistical theory and how to use minitab.
Bespoke PostgresSQL for DBA, Developers and Architects - Beginners well paced, well designed, concise slides, good balance between exercise and lectures
Microsoft Office Excel - poziom zaawansowany practical ways of using ms excel
Javascript Basics I thinks it was difficult to address the training to our group, due to uneven level of knowledge among participants. Marcin did it really well in my opinion.
Kubernetes from Basic to Advanced Hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts.
Javascript Basics Practical use of JS
Javascript Basics Marcin was very patient, well prepared and opened to questions. Had very good contact with us and adjusted his lecture to our pace of learning.
Machine Learning Excercises
Machine Learning the lab exercises
Machine Learning The Jupyter notebook form, in which the training material is available
Machine Learning There were many exercises and interesting topics.
Machine Learning some great lab exercises analyzed and explained by the trainer in depth (e.g. covariants in linear regression, matching the real function)

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Mobile Automation with Appium Overview Vancouver - Park Place Mon, Oct 22 2018, 9:30 am CA$2,228 / CA$3,893
Typescript Ottawa – Albert & Metcalfe Thu, Nov 8 2018, 9:30 am CA$2,228 / CA$3,888
CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor Toronto - West Toronto - Etobicoke Tue, Nov 20 2018, 9:30 am N/A / CA$10,336
Haskell Fundamentals Ottawa – Albert & Metcalfe Tue, Nov 27 2018, 9:30 am CA$3,870 / CA$5,690
Data Mining with R NS, Halifax - Hampton Inn Thu, Jan 31 2019, 9:30 am CA$3,870 / CA$5,870
OCEB Certified Expert in BPM - Business Advanced Exam Preparation Calgary - Sun Life Fri, Feb 15 2019, 9:30 am CA$2,025 / CA$3,705

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