Course Outline


Configuring Magento

Security settings

  • Secure cron.php to run in a browser
  • X-Frame-Options header

Magento application initialization and bootstrap

  • Set the value of bootstrap parameters
  • About Magento modes
  • Customize base directory paths (MAGE_DIRS)
  • Enable profiling (MAGE_PROFILER)

Command line configuration

  • Get started with command-line configuration
  • Manage the cache
  • Manage the indexers
  • Configure and run cron
  • Code compiler
  • Set the Magento mode
  • URN highlighter
  • Dependency reports
  • Translation dictionaries and language packages
  • Deploy static view files
  • Create symlinks to LESS files
  • Run unit tests
  • Convert layout XML files
  • Generate data for performance testing
  • Run the support utilities (Enterprise Edition only)

Multiple websites or stores

  • Set up multiple websites with nginx
  • Set up multiple websites with Apache

Magento configuration files

  • Magento's deployment configuration
  • Module configuration files
  • Create or extend configuration types


  • Associate cache frontends with cache types
  • Low-level cache options
  • Database caching
  • Create a cache type

Configure Redis

  • Use Redis for page caching
  • Use Redis for session storage

Configure and use Varnish

  • Install Varnish
  • Configure Varnish and your web server
  • Configure Magento to use Varnish
  • Final verification
  • How Magento cache clearing works with Varnish
  • How Varnish caching works
  • Troubleshooting 503 (Backend Fetch Failed) errors

Use memcached for session storage

  • Install, configure, verify memcached on Ubuntu
  • Install, configure, verify memcached on CentOS
  • Configure Magento to use memcached

Install and configure Elasticsearch (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Configure nginx and Elasticsearch
  • Configure Apache and Elasticsearch
  • Configure Elasticsearch stopwords

Message Queues (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Configure message queue topology
  • MySQL message queues

Install and configure Solr (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Configure Solr and Magento
  • Prepare Solr for production

Split database performance solution (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Automatically configure master databases
  • Manually configure master databases
  • Verify split databases
  • Set up optional database replication
  • How to locate your session files

Deploy Magento to production

  • Magento ownership and permissions in development and production
  • Deployment steps

Web Setup:


  • Checklist
  • Your Login Credentials
  • For Your Records

Your Magento Account

  • Creating an Account
  • Sharing Your Account

Quick Tour

  • Path to Purchase
  • Customer Journey

Basic Configuration

  • Store Admin
  • Store Details
  • Storefront Branding
  • Websites, Stores & Views
  • Industry Compliance


  14 Hours

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Dates are subject to availability and take place between 09:30 and 16:30.
Open Training Courses require 5+ participants.

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