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Magento Commerce is the leading platform for open commerce innovation with over $50B in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually.

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magentomerchants Magento for Merchants 21 hours Magento is a powerful and flexible open-source e-commerce platform with modular architecture. Written in PHP language against the Zend Framework, it allows users to deploy e-commerce websites in accordance with their business needs by utilizing many out-of-the-box templates and plug-ins. In this instructor-led, live training participants will learn how to add categories and store products, process a purchase order and make shipments, run product promotions, manage customers and permissions, run multiple websites and stores, and more. By the end of this training, participants will: Have a comprehensive, expert user level understanding of Magento usage and functionality Be able to independently run and manage multiple websites and stores based on business needs Be able to streamline business activity by simplifying and minimizing daily administration and maintenance efforts Audience Merchants looking to set up a Magento store Merchants looking to improve the management of their existing Magento store Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
magento Deploying Magento 2.1 for eCommerce 14 hours Magento Commerce is the leading platform for open commerce innovation with over $50B in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually. Audience This course is suitable for engineers and developers seeking to deploy and utilize Magento 2.1 as an ecommerce platform. After completing this course, delegates will be able to: understand Magenta’s structure and deployment mechanisms carry out installation / production environment / architecture tasks and configuration assess code quality, perform debugging, monitoring implement advanced production like elastic search, multiple websites and logging customize Magento's webstore to their specific requirements 

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