Managing Business Logic with Drools

  21 hours

JBPM: Case Management with JBPM v7

  14 hours

jBPM for Developers

  35 hours

jBPM and Drools

  14 hours

jBPM for Process Designers

  28 hours

Advisory section combined with actual project

芳 万 [jBPM for Developers]

He answered all questions and explained the topics understandable for everybody.

IT4IPM GmbH [jBPM for Process Designers]

The subject matter of the training was very interesting and I hope that it will help me in my professional career. On the other hand, from outside the scope of the training, I liked the easiness of contacting the trainer with people participating in the training

Piotr Powaga [jBPM for Developers]

The training was to take place at our headquarters, however, due to problems in launching the training environment, it was moved to NobleProg, where catering was additionally provided. A quick and effective response to a crisis situation

Orange Szkolenia Sp. z o.o. [jBPM for Developers]

Professional approach to the problem with the configuration of tools on OPL devices and provision of a room and equipment in the Noble Prog location

Orange Szkolenia Sp. z o.o. [jBPM for Developers]

The trainer deserves praise and his effectiveness in organizing the conditions for conducting the training, because on the first day we had no conditions to work due to the lack of an appropriate environment installed on the students' computers, and on the following days we were invited to the headquarters and there were more days of training

Orange Szkolenia Sp. z o.o. [jBPM for Developers]

friendliness, availability

NTT ADAT ITALIA SPA [jBPM for Developers]

The quality of the exercises

NTT ADAT ITALIA SPA [jBPM for Developers]

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Other regions in Canada


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