C++, QT, ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffers

  35 hours

Qt Programming

  21 hours

GUI Programming with Python and PyQt

  21 hours

Qt Quick and QML

  7 hours


- Controtek Solutions Inc [QT Programming]

plenty of exercises, less presentation

- Controtek Solutions Inc [QT Programming]

Great training atmosphere.

April Faith Manabat - Controtek Solutions Inc [QT Programming]

I liked Saidu's personal approach to the training. She was approachable and patient with us even through the somewhat challenging medium of online training. I personally like the online training format. I found it very relaxed and the technology worked reasonably well with a few glitches here and there. However some of those issues I think were related to issues on the participants' end. I never lost connection or dropped audio or video even once. However my Internet is very good. As I said, the pace was slow for me, and I would have preferred to have covered more advanced topics that I will be dealing with right away in our work Qt code, but I did learn a lot of good basics from Saidu so I appreciate that very much. I answered yes to the question "Would you attend another training session taught by this trainer" but I say that with some hesitation. I would have to know that the delivery was going to be more organised and planned than this training.

Department of Defense [QT Programming]

Threading, albeit I had to not follow much of the exercise do practice it.

Bethesa Studios [Qt Programming]

The subjects that were touched were interesting to me. (Widgets, DB, create UI with the Designer tool)

Bethesa Studios [Qt Programming]

Provided alot of materials as well as sample codes. Linking each topic to the sample codes makes it easier for participants to catch up.

Home Team Science and Technology Agency [Developing GUI Python Applications with PyQt]

Trainer is definitely experienced in debugging and getting qt applications to run on the fly.

Home Team Science and Technology Agency [Qt Programming]

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